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The Lord says, "I'm coming with a wave of my glory. That many people that feel dry -- you feel like you're almost going through the motions, with your life, with the Lord; it doesn't feel fresh and new to you. This is what is happening: There is a move of the Holy Spirit that is here and coming. And the Lord says, "You're going to move from the mundane to the glorious. I want you to walk in a triumphant life," says the Lord, "where you don't go on just with business as usual. I am coming to visit. I'm coming to visit your success and enter into it.

And people will say to you, 'What is it that's different? I want you to go from the 'Where is God? Get ready for it. There is a woman who is a wife and a mother, and her husband is deployed, sent off to war. Perhaps, think of this not of the days in which we live, of modern technology and communication, but think back a hundred years, to the time of World War I. Her husband goes off to war, goes across the seas on a boat, and she has no contact with him. He is gone for a long time.


She does not know how he will be deployed and she waits and she longs for him to return. She reads the papers every day. She sees around her that the war in which he is fighting is coming to an end. This tells her that he is coming; these are signs of his coming, his return. Then, finally, there is the day of his arrival. He steps off the boat, or he steps off the plane, and there he is.

This is the day of his return. This makes her heart leap. So, as we think about this as the church, the bride of Christ, who waits and longs for the coming of Jesus Christ, we are talking about the day of His final arrival. In the first words of the text Matt. This all seems to take place almost at the same time that He comes in the clouds of heaven.

You cannot imagine this imploding of the universe as something that happens over days or weeks or months. It will be a time of great distress right at the moment when Jesus comes again. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.

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It takes us back to the other signs of the coming of Jesus Christ that we have been looking at in this series of messages. So, I want to re-cap a little bit and remind you of these signs and of the fact that they are present in the world throughout history, but increase in frequency and intensity immediately before Jesus comes again.

The first sign that we looked at was the sign of the gospel preaching.

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Another sign of the end is the turmoil among the nations. It is true that at the very end the nations will be deceived under the rule of Antichrist, but there is always war in the hearts of man and rumors of war and, in fact, the Scriptures speak in Revelation 16 of the battle of Armageddon, the struggle between the religious and the political aspects of the kingdom of Antichrist and between the east and the west, and this turmoil will always be there even during the time of the Antichrist and his peace and promise of prosperity.

That is because war is in the sinful heart of man. Even though Satan and the Antichrist will promise a kingdom of peace and prosperity, the principle on which that kingdom is founded is a principle of selfishness, of man, of man satisfying himself, and that kingdom will be the highest expression of man-centeredness.

So it will be a kingdom that cannot stand, a kingdom that, in the end, will be divided.

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  5. Then, think of the catastrophes in the earth—the earthquakes and famines and pestilence in divers places. These are the signs that lead up to that final cataclysmic event that is the destruction of this universe. During times of lawlessness, abounding iniquity. In the last days men will be eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage as they did in the days of Noah when the Flood came and destroyed them all. Also, this will be a time of apostasy.

    People will have departed from the truth. There will be a great falling away. There will be the rise of false Christianity and the worship of man and of the Antichrist. Also a time of pleasure-madness.

    Men will be lovers of themselves and of pleasure more than lovers of God. All these signs we have looked at as we have talked about the end times. This is the setting. And then shall the end come. Then shall the sign of the Son of man be. Not only will it be a day when all the elect church of God have been gathered, but it will be a day in which the world has made itself ripe for judgment, and all the purposes that God has for history will have been accomplished and completed.

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    And then God, having no reason anymore to forbear in pouring out His judgment on mankind, will send His Son. That is the event that we consider here today. Then shall appear the sign of the Son of man. This sign does not refer simply to some signal or sound to announce the arrival of Jesus Christ. You can imagine the noise as this universe disintegrates. But this sign does not refer to that. Nor does it refer to some sign that God will place in the sky to show the redemption of Christians, perhaps, as some see it, a sign or symbol of the cross.

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    This sign will be… Christ Himself. Understand what a sign is. A sign is a visible representation of a spiritual reality. The spiritual reality, the invisible reality, that we will get a glimpse into on that day is the reality of heaven. Heaven is not something that is distant from us, but simply this, something that we do not see. His eyes were opened and he was able to see the angels that surrounded the city. This was the spiritual reality that he did not see. It was not that the angels came just then but the angels were always there.

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    His eyes were opened to see them. The idea is that in the last day, when the sign of the Son of man comes, God will make visible to man what is invisible to the natural eye. The realities of heaven will be displayed. So Jesus refers to this sign as the sign of the Son of man. It does not refer simply to the fact that Jesus was human, had a human nature, that He was born of a man or a woman, but it refers to the fact that Jesus is the exalted Messiah.

    It refers to the glory that He would receive in His human nature. This is a prophecy of the ascension and the glory of Jesus Christ in His ascension. We will see the sign of the Son of man, that is, the curtains of heaven will be rolled back, there will be a revelation of the glory of Jesus Christ. The verse tells us five truths about the coming of Jesus Christ. First, it will be a personal coming.

    That is, Jesus Himself will come on the clouds of heaven. This is what His bride, the church, is waiting for. As believers in the church, we do not wait for the end of the world just so that our suffering may end or for freedom from sin or for the bliss of the new heaven and the new earth or even just to be reunited with our loved ones who have passed away, but our hope is to see Jesus Himself. In many ways, that is the measure of our faith. What is your faith and what is your hope in this world? That is, what are you waiting for? What are you longing for? As a believer, you long to see Jesus.

    That is heaven—to be ever with the Lord. This will be a personal coming. So, first, it will be a personal coming. The second truth concerning the coming of Jesus Christ is that it will be a sudden coming. You have that here in Matthew 24 in two different ways. The first is a rapid succession of events leading up to the coming of Jesus Christ and the sign. Those days, we read earlier in the chapter, verse 22, will be shortened.