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You get in and out with the maximum of pleasure and minimum of bullshit. And then they end up hurting each other because it was all based on lies to begin with. I wanna get fucked by dick. I wanna suck dick. I like sucking dick. I mean, sure he's good-looking but a lot of guys are good-looking and he's got his fucking charm but we all have that when we want it.

But what is it with him? I don't know, what Lindsay says is that he'll do anything, say anything, fuck anything. No excuses, no apologies, no regrets. Shit just never sticks to you! Killing you with kindness. Just like the night you met me. I was sure you were going back home. He had the greatest ass. I brought him back, i fucked him all night.

Is He a Butt or a Breast Man?: Eye Fixations and Men’s Hump Preference

Speak slowly and enunciate. He gave great head. He wanted me to fuck him with my crown on. After a while tho he got really clingy.

Queer Experience Survey — Hey, I don't know if you have covered it before or

He wanted to know when he could see me again So what did you tell him? I told him that he could see me in his dreams. What did you do, tear them off? What are you gonna do without me. Go to your new life! You look hot Daphne. Did you see their faces? Yeah, we gave them the prom they never forget Me neither. Big fan. Go find a stud, ask him to dance Hey stud, wanna dance?

Well not me, honey. I know you too long, and regretably too well. And no matter how hard you try to deny it, i can tell you care as much about him as he cares about you. Well hey, whatever it takes. To admit that you love him. And i know that you do. Despite all your efforts to never let another heart touch yours.

You were right.

Bernie's World

The reason i took you in was because you took a bat to the head. And when i come home, i also be doing exactly what i wanna do, coming home to you, Ok, i want some things too. Same for me. And no names or numbers exchanged. By 2 4 3 One more thing. I met his dad in junior year, but believe me, before that i did some pretty wild things Runs in the family How was he? Not bad What he looked like?

What about the game? Yeah like I give a shit what God thinks about me. He better be worried about what I think about him. How do you figure that? In all this cold dead universe, we're the only one's that know he exists. Without us I could have done anything to you I was pretty sure you were gonna fuck me Then what? Arrogant prick! Well which is it?

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Why should i give a shit if he slept with you. You have no idea how far that gets me.

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  • Well then you better start liking pussy. Cause you got little green-eyed monster inside you that is eating your gut. When i was his age i was out fucking everything that moved too You still are So why should i have a problem if the lad wants to have a little fun Well what if it was more than that what if what?

    What if there was? You would be ok with that too? I should have told you about him.

    Queer as folk quotes

    And taken all the fun out of it? That has nothing to do with it? Since when? You love cock. You love it down your throat, you love it up your ass, you love riding it. There are other things Flowers, picnics, violin music He loves me. You dreamy eyed school boy. So, what the fuck are you still doing here?

    See a Problem?

    You decide. I know, I was feeding on its energy. You have to be nuts or a selfish piece of shit, to wanna bring a child into it You did Yeah Lindsay convinced me while i was trippin.

    Gay Butts Vs. Straight Butts!

    Sure as hell not doing it for smelly belly. You can go to a sperm bank Or scrape it off the floor of the backroom of Babylon Just give me one valid reason why any queer in his right mind would wanna bring a kid to this world Mmm.. Look have many times you forgave Brian!

    I never forgave Brian. I never had to. Because he never promised me anything. You did. Last night i dreamed about him again.